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All your animations are great. I am thinking of converting my game to this style but you are missing status effect and healing animations. Any plans for those in the future? 

Thank you :)  Yes! I hope I can make a buff and debuff animations soon! Right now the next pack I will release is a hit spark effects. 

I am already making a game in this style, and I second StayAwakeGames request!  Your animations are great!

Long shot, given your other work, but do you plan on making the other two directions and not just side-to-side?

I understand if you don't; it's just that I'm not making a side-scroller, but I'm a very big fan of your effects.


Hello! For now I don't have any plans on making smears for other directions I'm sorry.

Like I said, I understand.
Your assets are still very well-made and are undoubtedly very useful to other people.

nice work !