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I'm going to look good.

Can you make some characters with jobs? (Knights, elves, wizards, magic knights, etc.)

Also, can you make other monsters as well as skeletons? (Goblins, Demons, Satan, Werewolves, Slimes, etc.)

I would like to make more job character but right now I don't have any plans to making it I'm sorry :/

this character is really great! made me want to make a game about it. Actually, I already did and this is the demo: I really love this character.


Wow that's so nice!! I really appreciate that you liked the character :)

i love your style ! (will  you do more of this ?)


Thank you!! :)

For now I don't have any plans of making characters, I'm sorry, but maybe in the future.

I really love this character, I was thinking of doing a topdown game but after seeing this just wow. You have great style and i am a fan of your animations and color choices. Thank you pimen!

Thank you for your words! :)


Wow no joke this is epic.... Love the desing and colours used! You sir got some talent there!


totally agree

Those are such kind words that really made my day, thank you!! :)

This is fantastic! I'd love to try doing more game design using your character! :D


Thank You !! :)



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