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Can I use this assest pack for my game? I want to sell it but dont want to make any mistakes

Yes you can use it in your project and sell it. You can't resell only the assets.

Hi, I used some of your resources in this music video I made. Check it out and share if you'd like.

Awesome!!! Really cool! :)

This is so cool!!!

I love that you've used a dummy to demonstrate the animation effect lol

Hahahaha, someone has to help me show the effects!!

Omg it is soo good I love the crystal shard it would be so cool with wind particles on the back, but I guess that overcomplicates things.

Hello, Thank you! Actually the .JPG spritesheet have the wind particles!

this is great pixel art! I look forward to seeing your next art :)

Thanks!! :)

You the man


Awesome stuff as usual.

Thank you!!

Exciting! The icicle one looks perfect for me. I like the delayed explosion of the second one too. I like the initial speed of the particles being fast, and then slowing down in the air

Thank you!! I really put some effort on the particles!