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Hello I love your work, I have tried to get one or two into my RPG MV project with great difficulty although achieved. one of which i had to reverse. Is there any easier way to import them in on a single sprite sheet?

Hello, thank you! Sorry I'm a bit confuse, you're asking if I can export the sprites in a single file spritesheet?

Hi pimen, so your frames are individual images, I had to throw them into a single canvas and line them up some what rough and import them into RPG engine. And yes it works but sadly not as clean as the GIFs you provide. Is it possible to include them ready for RPG maker like on a sprite sheet?. Thank you pimen.

Hello, as I know Rpg maker have very specific canvas size which the spritesheet has to be on. Right now I can import the complete animation in a spritesheet but I think you still have to put it on the specific size.

Hi yeah, looking at google I have found -

What size is the animation grid in RPG Maker MV?

The format for animations is 192x192 pixels per cell, with a maximum of five cells in a row - resulting in 5*192 = 960 for the width. The length/height of the animation cell can be varied in multiples of 192 as well - 576 are three rows, but you could make it 768 or 960 for more cells as well.

Hello, I will export as soon as I can!

Thank you!!! I've been searching for a good Ice Bolt type sprite for so long! Once I finish my game, I'll make sure to credit you. Amazing work!

Thank you!! Glad that you like it!! 

i all so like it

Thanks to your great assets, my first game was able to be completed. I've credited your name in the credits. The amount of support may be small, but it's my heartfelt gratitude. Please also come take a look at my game.

Can I use this assest pack for my game? I want to sell it but dont want to make any mistakes

Yes you can use it in your project and sell it. You can't resell only the assets.


Hi, I used some of your resources in this music video I made. Check it out and share if you'd like.

Awesome!!! Really cool! :)

This is so cool!!!

I love that you've used a dummy to demonstrate the animation effect lol

Hahahaha, someone has to help me show the effects!!

Omg it is soo good I love the crystal shard it would be so cool with wind particles on the back, but I guess that overcomplicates things.

Hello, Thank you! Actually the .JPG spritesheet have the wind particles!

this is great pixel art! I look forward to seeing your next art :)

Thanks!! :)

You the man


Awesome stuff as usual.

Thank you!!

Exciting! The icicle one looks perfect for me. I like the delayed explosion of the second one too. I like the initial speed of the particles being fast, and then slowing down in the air

Thank you!! I really put some effort on the particles!