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Please god make more of these Ice vfx is so hard to find

Hey Thanks! Right now I don't have plans for more ice VFX but if you want a commission work you can send me a message to my email!

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May I suggest adding some tiny single-frame shards to the collection? (to be used as projectiles). 8 directions (or, 5, mirrored) would be bliss ^_^

I was thinking about a very fast projectile, maybe leaving an trail of shimmering particles or of falling icicles (animated separatedly, to be spawned by the game engine)

I love you.

love your work! 

something like a "wood" element attacks would be nice :D

Thank you!! Oh, I didn't though about that, I will note for the future! :)


your skills are constantly improving, this is your best work yet.


Thank you very much!! I'm always studying and trying to improve, and makes me really happy that you noticed! :)