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Honestly you make a really good work.
If you could work on Weather VFX that could be cool as well there's not a lot of it on itch and with what you already have it may be doable.
Only a suggestion of course, but really nice work I had to rework a bit the lightning to make it as a lightning struck it helped tho.

hello, does the thunder effect pack 3 exist? i will wait to buy the megapack? thanks

Hello, Thunder pack 03 is on production and i will be releasing soon!

I like when the effects are also fitting for toptown games. Two of them would sure do, very nice. Keep it up :)

I am really happy to hear that!! I will keep it up!

Wow, your spell effect animations are superb! I'll definitely be using them for my game!

Hope you come up with more of these gems soon!

Thank you, I am glad you like it!! More gems are definitely coming