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Thanks!! :)

Thanks to your great assets, my first game was able to be completed. I've credited your name in the credits. The amount of support may be small, but it's my heartfelt gratitude. Please also come take a look at my game.

Warms my heart to know that my assets helped you finish your game! Thank you! :)

Thank  you!!

Thank  you!


Can I use this assest pack for my game? I want to sell it but dont want to make any mistakes


Yes you can use it in your project and sell it. You can't resell only the assets.

Hi there! I recently used this asset pack alongside your other Water Spell Effects! Figured I'd let you know and show ya as well! :D

I also included your name in the credits!

Hi!! Thanks for the credit!! Your game looks fantastic! :)

Nice :D

Thanks :)

can i use it in commercial plz

Yep u can use the sprites in your games and sell it! :) You just can't sell the sprites alone. 


Hello, great asset, can it be used in commercial?

can i use for commercial?


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Hahahahahaha,thank you guys, make good use of it :)  and if  you guys wanna show where/how you use it, I will like to see :)

That is great for a first animation pack. I'd like to see more of your work and I can't wait for you to realse more assets as you progress in pixel art. Good luck

I'm glad that you like it! Thank you for the support. :)