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This is a mega pack with all my released paid effects, with more than +50 pixel art animations which includes spell elements like Thunder, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind! 

You can buy them separetly if you want or check the details of each element, in the pages below check it out !


Get this asset pack and 1 more for $33.93 USD
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On Sale!
13% Off
$15.00 $13.05 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.05 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Elemental Effects.rar 1 MB


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Greetings, Please do bundle sale for your assets. will buy asap and Excellent work!

Hello! Here is a bundle for the spell VFX: https://itch.io/s/102311/spells-vfx-bundle

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Just bought it, Thanks for the heads up ^ ^

Hey Pimen...

Really confused about some overlapping sales..

  • Elemental Pimen Sale
  • Pimen Mega Spell Effect Summer sale

For example... both sales include the Dark Spell effects. I just want to get all of the elemental spell/attack FX.

What should I do?

Hello sorry for the confusion. I made this way for people who want discount in some specific VFX pack could get it without paying all the packs. 
In your case you should pick "Pimen Mega Spell Effect Summer sale" That includes every spell VFX.

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Just to be clear, the "Pimen Mega Spell Effect Summer sale" includes everything in the "Elemental Pimen Sale"?? 

I don't want to be missing some packs.

For Elemental VFX yes, all paids assets are there. The only thing missing is the smoke VFX that are not included in the mega packs. You can buy it separately if you want.

Thanks again!

Hey pimen, Is there a way to also get icons? So, do they come with this mega pack only, or are they also inside the individual spell packs?

Last update I made them in each individual pack!

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even with holy and dark effects?


Unfortunately, I did not use this pack, but purchased all effects inside this separately. 

Is it possible to upload the elemental icons(fire, wind, water, etc.) in this effect pack for free?(or please include in each skill product. I can download it because I bought it)

And if possible, could you put your ice icon in the ice skill as well?(I also bought it but it does not contain ice icon.)

Hello! You want the icons of the mega pack to be included in the other packs? (Like the fire icon in the fire pack)

Thanks for replying!

Yes, it will be nice if each pack had its own icon

Ok!! I will add that as soon as I can.

Thank you!

Icon updated! 

It's Gorgeous Asset.

thank you Pimen🤓

Thank you!! Glad you like it! :)

Would love to buy them BUT do they work with RPG Maker MZ?

Hello, I saw that RPG Maker has a pretty specific spritesheet size for animations and this pack doesn't come with it, I'm sorry :/

Do you do commissions for skill effects?

Yes! please contact me on my email: gabrielgamedesign@gmail.com or twitter @PimenArt

Great, thanks! I'll definitely be reaching out at a later date.

does this pack come with the icons ?


Also what opacity level was the fire barrier if its not too much to ask

It's not :) the opacity is at 120

I love you.

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Thanks!! :)

Can I change the color of this Effect? I want to use this wonderful resorce in our game.

Yes, you can make any modification and use it in your game!

Thx for your reply :)

 You're welcome! :)

are you going to release another pack with the other two include also?

Actually, I'm thinking on release other elemental mega pack when I have atleast four new elemental VFX. (Ice, Holy, two more)

Can you make a bundle with Dark, Holy, Ice, Smoke?

Yes! Here it is: https://itch.io/s/66449/dark-holy-ice-n-smoke-bundle

Thank you!

Great Pack, I just bought it and good price for good quality + quantity. One of the best cost/quality pack for magical effects here. And I've searched a long time xD Go ahead!

Thank you for buying!! I am glad that you like it!

Really impressed with how you've grown as an artist, I checked out your older stuff and you can really see the progress! Added this one to my collection. :)

Thanks!! :))

nice, nice, nice...


Hey! it's me again, I didn't find the icons of elements that show on the cover of the package after the purchase, I would like to know if there is a way to make them available for use or I just didn't find it...

Thank you for buying! I have uptaded and know the package include the icons

Thanks :D

Can you inform me if the animations come separate? (not spritesheet) Because it is more complicated to cut the sprites in the Unity in spritesheet format and adjust the pivots.

Sorry Otsoga, they are all in spritesheet format. I understand the pivot problem and time consuming adjust the pivot it can be. I can update and put the separate frames in the pack, it will take time because it's a lot of animations, but I will try to update as fast as I can. 

Thanks, i will wait! I really liked the elements icons.

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It's uptaded with the separated frames of the animations! :)


Are these in gif format?

Nop, they are in PNG format

No problem, I can convert them, thanks!