13 Handmade Earth animations with an extra monster!!
Handcrafted earth animations!!
20 effects, more than 160 frames!
3 handmade animation, A burst, a pull in and wind explosion!
A Wind Breath, Wind projectile and Hit Effect animation!
16 Fire animations effects a total of 162 handmade frames!!!
2 handmade explosion type effect
2 skeleton type enemies with 5 animations
A handmade pixelart pack of water effects with 11 different spritesheet!
2 Handmade pixel art water effect!
2 handmade Water spells with more than 30 frames
6 animation, 2 Cutting/Thrust and 4 different hit Effects. With Gameboy palette
1 Slash animation and 1 Healing Animation
9 Sprite Sheets of magical content